Community talks

This repository is home to a collection of Azure presentations that you are free to use in any community event. The presentations are licensed under the MIT License.

Lightning Talks

Each lightning talk is designed to take ~15 minutes to present and includes 1-2 quick hands-on demos. Each talk consists of a Markdown file for source content and a PPTX file in the latest GitHub release. Each talk also includes a link to a YouTube train-the-trainer video showing an example of the many ways you can deliver this content for your audience.

Talk Markdown Source PowerPoint Presentation Train the Trainer Video
Host your web apps with Azure App Service app_service_web.pptx YouTube
The New Azure SDK for .NET azure_sdk_net.pptx YouTube
The New Azure SDK for JavaScript azure_sdk_js.pptx YouTube


You can submit change requests, ideas and bugs using the Issues tab here in the repository. You can also contribute new presentations or significant changes to existing presentations using the Pull Request tab.

🙋 Need an example? Use one of the existing presentations to see an example of the style and structure used to build our presentations in Markdown. The structure is based on the online Pandoc slide show Markdown documentation.